Pandora, a woman in coma, is trapped in her mind. Doctors surgically place a wireless chip in her brain, through which Pandora manages to connect online from her mind. She surprises her loved ones when Pandora makes confessions she kept secret her whole life.





Director's Statement

Pandora’s Box is a fantasy dark humor about a middle aged comatose woman Pandora who still has active brain functions. Doctors include her in a research program where they place a wireless chip in her brain with the hopes that she would be able to connect online from her mind. Pandora surprises her loved ones when she reveals secrets she kept inside her whole life. 

I have taken interest in the underlying chip technology in Pandora’s Box is in my university years as the research was conducted at the Brown University I was attending at the time. I remember asking myself “What would I do if I was stuck in my mind and had one last chance to talk to my people. What would I say?” And that made me realize how much I did not say.

I have grown up in a culture where women are wives and mothers but seldom individuals. Spending my childhood in Turkey and my adulthood in the U.S. I have been conflicted between being a woman and being an individual. You could say Pandora’s Box is a peak into a possible future if I had chosen to delay being an individual in the name of being a woman.

There is something tragically hilarious about talking to a comatose woman next to you, from a computer screen. You could say Pandora’s Box is a take on how the older generation is dealing with the sweeping changes in culture and technology. The film basically throws in old mindsets with new concepts; and turns the heat on to see how they blend in together. And the result is rejection that leads to explosion, followed by acceptance and adaptation - a basic human response to change of any kind. 

As a writer director, I have a fascination to expand our consciousness beyond what is readily available to the eye. Think the unthinkable. Speak the forbidden. Create the impossible. This is the only way to expand our future beyond what’s predictable. 


Irmak Tasindi

Writer & Director & Executive Producer




Written and Directed by
Irmak Tasindi

Produced By
Chloe Na

Noelle Lake

Dr. Jones
Pascal Yen-Pfister

William Scott Brown

Donna Cherry

Dan Berkey

Director of Photography
Federico Tamburini

Script Supervisor
Scott Tellis

Joseph Park

Music By
Zaalen Tallis

Unit Production Manager
Mehdi Darlis

1st Assistant Director
Shu Hirayama

2nd Assistant Director
Rui Arichika

1st Assistant Camera
Manish Khushalani
Matt Devlin

2nd Assistant Camera
Anna Vyaches

Boom Operator/ Mixer
Jon Olson


Sashank Sana

 Best Boy Electric
Enrico Sanna

Juan Sendagorta
Jaime Barrenechea

Key Grip
Rodrigo Obregon

Best Boy grip
Manuela Velez

Production Designer
Sarah Leriche

Art Director
Luis Marciliano

Prop Masters
Celina Arslanian
Johanne Ebel

Hair / Make Up
Meagan Gorham

Costume Designer
Sarah Al Saud


Shooting Format

Screening Format
DCP & Blu-Ray

Screening Ratio
2.35 : 1

Sound Format

Production Location
New York, 2018

Raghu Vamsi, Scott Tellis,
Manuela Velez, Meagan Gorham