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Karma is a masterpiece that baffles the mind, packed with mystery and suspense!

If you are a fan of mystery films you probably have a sixth sense when a movie has an amazing story and Karma is one of the greats. From the very first frame of Karma I knew that I'd be held captive. It has energy that will let you know that something good is coming, but you just have to wait for when it is going to happen, just like the word Karma itself.

Buddha once said "whatsoever fortune or misfortune experienced is all due to some previous action" but how does this intertwine among the living and the dead? Is it a natural cycle or a supernatural phenomenon that coincides with the circumstances of people’s lives? Who and how does it choose to serve its principles? Questions that got me thinking upon meeting the 10-year-old Evan in this film and how Karma played a role in his life.

I don't usually read the synopsis of the movies I review, so I'll have my mind envision the director's perspective and surprise me with the flow of the story. And then after watching the film, I'll read every detail that the director shared about the film. And this film was very well executed from the story to the purpose that student director Irmak Tasindi (yes, student director) was trying to convey.

Honestly, I couldn't believe that this was a student film, I had to rub my eyes a couple of times to see if they still serve me right, Wow! It is a student film alright, a remarkably impressive student film. Irmak Tasindi's brilliance in making this film was evident in every scene. For me, it felt like she has crafted this film with the experiences and knowledge that she came to gather in her journey in photography and filmmaking, definitely someone I have to keep a close lookout for future films.

Spoiling plot points for a film with this caliber is a crime. However, I promise you that you'll get more than your money's worth.

The cinematography was divine, and every scene was flawless. The actors were outstanding, particularly Kadin Houck-Loomis, who portrayed the 10-year old Evan. I find that role challenging because of the perplexity of the situation and thoughts that his character has to go through and the emotional gravity that part of his character carries. It was like seeing a very young actor act trice his age and delivered it superbly, unquestionably talented and promising.

Beyond all these outstanding qualities of Karma, what I love was the risk that Director Irmak Tasindi took with the way she told this story. Incorporating it with a religious concept (especially two different religions) is a chance that can be a miss or hit, and how she delivered it with precision hitting everything right on the mark.  You'll have to see for yourself and be the judge.

Job well done Irmak Tasindi. You've created an award-worthy film on the verge of worldwide recognition.

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