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Beginner’s Notes For Festivals

Whether you love or hate them, festivals are an inevitable part of any filmmaker’s journey. Attending the big name festivals like Cannes, Sundance or Toronto is a dream to many.  And it mostly stays as a dream because for an emerging filmmaker, it’s practically impossible to get accepted to festivals of that magnitude without personal connections or significant financial backing. 

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There Is No Right Or Wrong

There are no right or wrong ways to create films. Nothing is a safe bet and nothing is too absurd. Creating a film is like designing a complex machine. Directors have their own ways to write, to direct and to communicate both with their crew and their audiences. 

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My Journey

All my life, I have been a gear in the machine. I was the star student in high school, studied at one of the most prestigious universities in the US and worked the job everyone had eyes on Wall street. My life was all planned out, until one day I herniated my disk from sitting sixteen hours in a row in front of the computer screen, drinking five cups coffee a day. Laying in a hospital bed for two weeks was the eye opener I needed, giving me the time to question my path, and making the decision to change my life.

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